‘Each individual flavour must be identifiable and add to the enjoyment of the whole. I love to take a classic combination and intensify and ramp up the flavours.’

- Terroir Head Chef, Michael Broughton

Beef fillet with onion rings, shitake mushrooms and beef jus

‘At Terroir we are constantly pushing the boundaries, experimenting with ingenious new cooking methods to intensify flavours…

..To deliver big, bold flavour on the plate, tomatoes are confited, fish is cured, spices and nuts are roasted before being used, and sauces are reduced often three or four times.’ says Michael.

Kob with squid Bouilabaise, lemon squid and Nicola potatoes

Everything on the menu is fresh, seasonal and - whenever possible - locally available. Increasingly, the sourcing of ingredients and the provenance of ingredients is key.

At Terroir, ‘local is definitely lekker’, whether it is the organic strawberries from a farm close by or fresh fish received daily from the boats at Gordon’s Bay.

Lamb with summer vegetables

The menu makes the most of seasonal specialities, such as fresh cep, tuna and berries.

A highlight of any meal at Terroir is the basket of fresh bread, baked daily in the kitchen.

chocolate and Lemon Delice with mint coulis