‘Classic pairings, intense depth of flavour and the perfect sauce characterise our constantly evolving chalkboard menu.’

- Michael Broughton

Michael’s dream of starting a restaurant in the Cape Winelands became a reality in the shape of Terroir, which opened in October 2004, after forming a successful partnership with Kobus Basson of Kleine Zalze.


Grounded in classic French cooking techniques, his boldly flavoured food is influenced by the best of what’s in season and, where possible, the use of locally sourced ingredients.

In keeping with Michael’s vision to create ‘terroir-driven food’ matched to wines of the region, the provenance of locally sourced ingredients remains a key focus, from organic strawberries sourced from a nearby farm to fish fresh from the boats in Gordon’s Bay.

Springbok Wellington with parsnip puree

Travelling widely, reading avidly, eating out and networking with fellow chefs are all part of the on-going ‘research and development’ process for Michael.

‘Global trends reflect a return to doing the basics really well, and producing lighter, healthier dishes without forfeiting depth of flavour’ says Michael.


‘Tasting menus showcasing lots of little dishes and myriad flavours are still big news, and sous vide cooking is one of the exciting trends we’re having fun with in our kitchen right now.

For example, instead of slow-roasting a spiced shoulder of lamb, it is vacuum sealed, immersed in a water bath and cooked for 18 hours at a very low temperature. The result is meltingly tender, moist lamb that remains beautifully pink. We serve this with garlic cream, confit tomatoes and potato dauphinoise – delicious!’

Beef fillet with summer vegetables

Michael is constantly on the lookout for exceptional ingredients, all of which are essential to his signature ‘deceptively simple’ style of cooking characterised by intense depth of flavour and classic combinations on the plate.